What does the Board of Guardians do

The Board of Guardians is a supervisory body of the Foundation. It supervises the Foundation activities, the use of the funds, the compliance by the Foundation with Russian law. The Board of Guardians can review the elaborated Charitable Programs, verify their execution; propose the candidates fot the Board and General Director, approve of the deals, in which a member of the Board of Guardians or the Board of the Foundation is interested, according to Russian applicable law.

Members of the Board of Guardians


Evgeny Velikhov — chairman

MSU graduate, Evgeny Velikhov is an employee at Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy since 1961. In the period 1971-1978 he worked as the director of a branch of the Institute — in Magnetic Laboratory of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1972 at the department of aerophysics and space research of MIPT he founded the chair of the plasma energy settled at the branch of the Institute of Atomic Energy Velikhov still directs it. From 1992 until now the Evgeny Velikhov is the head of the National Research Centre «Kurchatov Institute». Participated in the rectification of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Since 2010 he is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the «Skolkovo» Foundation.

Alexander Abramov

He was born in Krasnodar on February 20, 1959. After graduation the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute with honours, he continued his education. In 1985 Abramov fihished his doctoral studies at MIPT and defended his thesis, receiving a degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Institute for High Temperatures of the Academy of Sciences USSR). In 1992 he was promoted to head of the scientific group. Abramov then became the founder of the company «Evraz-metal », which evolved into a powerful company «Evraz-Group». Family man, father of three children, Alexander Abramov prefers to lead an active lifestyle. Above all, Alexander is a member of the Coordinating Council of the Moscow School of Management «Skolkovo».

Alexander Andreev

He was born in Leningrad on December 10, 1939. In 1961 he graduated from MIPT. Andreev was the last of the students accepted into the group of Landau. Alexander Fedorovich is a great leader in scientific area. He is a chairman in the Scientific Council of RAS on Low Temperature Physics, in the RAS Information and Library Board, in the RAS Commission on State research grants, on the Council of RAS on outer space, holds other significant positions. Member of the Academy Aleksandr Fedorovich Andreev is in the Presidential Commission on state awards of the Russian Federation.


Alexander Frolov

He was born on May 17, 1964 in the city of Tula. After graduating with honors from MIPT, Frolov in 1991 he defended his thesis at the same institute and became the owner of a scientific degree of the Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Until 1994, he was a researcher at the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy. After that he started his career in the steel company «Evraz-metall». Alexander Frolov was vice-president and senior vice president of the company. From 2002 to 2004, Alexander served as CFO of the company «Evraz-Group». Later Frolov joined the Board of Directors of «Evraz Group». In 2006 he was elected President of «EvrazHolding» Ltd. Alexander Frolov is not involved in political activity. In his life there is a place for sports: Frolov is interested in kitesurfing and skiing. He participates in large charitable projects, such as the restoration of Valaam Monastery.


Sergey Guz

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergey Guz was born in Minsk on October 29, 1955. He graduated from MIPT in 1978, finished his doctoral studies in 1981. Sergey is Associate Professor of Mathematical fundamentals of management at MIPT. From 1984 to 1998 he held the position of vice-rector for academic affairs of the institute. He made an enormous contribution to the development of the institute, a great example being the organization of Education and Science-Industrial Complex of MIPT — private educational institution, which is still operational. Since 1998 Sergey Guz directs the Board of Directors of JSC «LIT-Phonon», a company which produces crystal resonators and oscillators.


Nikolay Kudryavtsev

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nikolay Kudryavtsev was born on May 8, 1950. In 1973 he graduated the Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics, MIPT. In 1977 he successfully defended his thesis. Kudryavtsev received a degree in physics and mathematics. In 1987, Nikolay became a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences on the heat-shielding of the space shuttle «Buran». Kudryavtsev is a Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences. Nikolay is the author of many scientific papers, co-author of 9 books and has 10 patents. He was repeatedly invited to conduct scientific work and lecturing abroad: Italy, USA, France. This is an eminent scientist, who is known worldwide for its innovative lectures on aerothermochemistry, shock tubes, chemical and gas-dynamic lasers.


Sergey Vasilyev

He was born on July 18, 1965. Upon gradiation of the Department of aerodynamics and flight engineering in 1990, he proceeded to the doctoral studies at MIPT. Then he was employed as an engineer in Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute. In 1991, Vasilyev already held a post of the director of the Moscow branch in Tveruniversalbank and the vice-president for management of branches of the Moscow region. Since 1993, he worked as a first vice-president of the organization. Sergey is the chairman of the board of directors of Russian Funds investment group from April 1999 to the present time.


Vadim Yakunin

Candidate of Technical Sciences Vadim Yakunin was born in Yaroslavl region on January 5, 1963. In 1986 Yakunin became the graduate of MIPT and qualified as «engineer-physicist». In 1989 Vadim finished the doctoral studies at MIPT and received the degree. In 1990 he founded a distribution company «Implementation Center «Protek» involved in the supply of pharmaceutical products. He served there as General Director from 1990 till 2000. Yakunin directs the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations. He also held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Consumer Market Development Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and participates in the Advisory Board of the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.


David Yang

Founder and director of «ABBYY» David Yang was born in Yerevan on June 3, 1968 . He graduated from the Yerevan Physics and Mathematics School, and after that the Department of General and Applied Physics MIPT in 1992, specialty — «Applied Mathematics and Physics». In 2003, he successfully defended his thesis on OCR technology. While being a student, David Yang was one of the founders of electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo that brought him international fame. In 2012, David Yang entered the Presidential Council for economic modernization and innovative development of Russia. He is also a member of the expert board of the «Skolkovo». David Yang considers charity as a natural human behaviour in society. That’s why he is involved in the Board of Trustees of MIPT. Also, he and his friends started an educational project «Ayb». David also participated in other project in the homeland in Armenia — «Tumo».