What we want

We want talented but low-income undergraduate students from to focus on their education rather than irregular side jobs. Especially when students study physics and technology.

That is why we created the Foundation of charitable scholarships. Every term we initiate an open-access contest in order to distribute the scholarships. The student can be awarded the scholarship regardless receiving some other scholarships. Our scholarship is several times more in amount than the state one.

The funds for charitable activities are regularly received from the Founders of the Foundation.

Where are we now

RUR per month
months in term
scholars per year

To sum up

  • 7 years old
  • Paid scholarships for more than 200M RUR
  • 3000 scholars


Who we are

Alexander Abramov
Alexander AbramovThe Founder of the Foundation
MIPT graduate. Chairman and principal shareholder of Evraz Group.
Alexander Frolov
Alexander FrolovThe Founder of the Foundation
MIPT graduate. Chief executive officer of Evraz Group.