Scholarships for other universities

Given the financial support from you we can help organize the distribution of charitable scholarships for support of undergraduate students of the university you choose. The principle of the distribution could be the same as we use at MIPT: different contests for low-income and successful students. You can choose the ratio between them. We can collect and process the documents as well as execute a fair and transparent distribution.

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Your scholarship for MIPT students

Given the financial support from you we can help you establish your own charitable or promotional scholarship for MIPT students. You can define your own criteria for distribution, the amount and the rate of payments. But we insist that the rules include a free-access contest with a clear rating principle, i.e. criteria should include only directly measurable values. We would not like to address an expertise, since it can get subjective.

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Direct donation

Or you can simply donate to increase the funds for the current Charitable Program. We will increase the number of awarded scholarships for MIPT students. The distribution are performed each year twice: in February and September. The amount of money paid to the student during the term is 40 000 RUR. To make a donation you can transfer the money to the Foundation’s bank account with reference/payment details "Donation".