The main idea of the distribution remains the same. We award scholarships in two separate categories:

  • Successful
  • Low income.

Successful students are awarded the scholarship according to their personal general point of average (GPA) for the last two terms. The competition is hold for each department separately (each one of them having its quota). The highest ranking students are awarded the scholarship.


Low income scholarships are awarded according to the average household monthly income. Students from all departments are arranged in an aggregate list.

1. The grounds for the Charitable program development

This Charitable Program of the Foundation for the Development
of Natural Science Innovation Education (hereinafter — ‘the Foundation’) for 2013 (hereinafter — ‘Charitable Program’) is developed under the article 17 of the Federal Law ‘On the Charity Activity & Charity Organizations’ No.135-FZ as of 11.08.1995, items 3.4.-3.6. of the Foundation’s Article of Association.

2. The objects of the charity support on this Charitable Program

2.1. The charity support on this Charitable Program is addressed to:

  • thelow-income,
  • successful

students of Moscow Institute of physics and Technology (hereinafter — ‘ the MIPT), studied at full time (daytime) department of MIPT at the account of federal budget funds independent of the citizenship.
2.2. One acknowledges the students as the low-income ones are the average per capita income of the family does not exceed 3000 roubles per month. The income of the parents divided by the quantity of the persons in the family is considered to be the average per capital income of the family in this case (just parents and the children who is younger than 22 years old are considered to be the members of the family).
2.2.1. The students whose parents are the sole proprietors or sole proprietors applying the single tax on imputed income tax system cannot claim for the scholarship on the low income.
2.3. The students are considered as successful when they have the highest average scores for the last two study terms (or one study term, if they are the students of the first year).
2.4. The scholarship to the specific student can be assigned by the Foundation maximum up to 6 times in the period from the moment of enrollment to MIPT and to the end of the 3 (third) course (taking into account that the scholarship is assigned by the Foundation to the student just to the current study term).
2.5. Gaining or not gaining of the scholarships from the Foundation in the previous term (terms) is not the ground for rejection in gaining the scholarships in the next term. The scholarship of the Foundation is paid to the receivers of the charity support independent from the payments of the MIPT scholarships and other scholarships to the indicated receivers.

3. Quantity, size and frequency of the scholarships assignment and payment

3.1. The scholarships quota in MIPT in general on this Charitable program is the general quantity of the scholarships for the students studied at all faculties of MIPT equal to 340 (three hundred and forty) scholarships in the amount 8000 (eight thousand) roubles a month.
3.2. The scholarships quota for low-income students is 50 scholarships.
3.3. The scholarships quota for successful students is 270 scholarships.
3.4. The scholarships quota being in reserve is 20 scholarships.
3.5. The additional revenues of the Foundation are sent to the increase of the scholarships quota being in reserve.
3.6. Foundation makes the decision on the assignment of the scholarships to the students 2 (two) times a year— at the beginning of each term.
3.7. The student about whom the Board of the Foundation took the decision on scholarships assignment for the current term has the right for monthly receipt of the scholarships in the amount 8000 (eight thousand) roubles before the start of the next term (excluding July and August, as the scholarship of the Foundation is not paid to the students).