The main idea of the distribution remains the same. We award scholarships in two separate categories:

  • Successful
  • Low income.

Successful students are awarded the scholarship according to their personal general point of average (GPA) for the last two terms. The competition is hold for each department separately (each one of them having its quota). The highest ranking students are awarded the scholarship.


Low income scholarships are awarded according to the average household monthly income. Students from all departments are arranged in an aggregate list.

1. Grounds for the Charitable program development

1.1. The present Charitable program of Charitable Foundation for the Development of Natural Science Innovation Education (hereinafter referred to as — «Foundation») for the year 2012 (hereinafter referred to as — «Charitable program») is developed on the basis of article 17 of the Federal Law on Charity and Charitable Organizations No 35-FL as of August 11, 1995, paragraphs 3.4.-3.6. of the Charter of the Foundation.

2. Charity support objects under the present Charitable Program

2.1. Charity support under the present Charitable Program is addressed to:

  • Low-income,
  • Successful

students of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (hereinafter referred to as — «MIPT»), who study at full-time course at MIPT at the account of federal budget resources.
2.2. Low-income students are those with per capita family income not exceeding RUR 3000 in a month. In this case per capita family income is the income of parents divided in number of persons in a family (only parents and children less than 22 years old are taken into consideration).
2.3. Successful students are those who have the highest grade point average for the last two semesters (or one semester for the students of the first course).
2.4. Scholarship to certain student can be assigned by the Foundation maximum up to 6 times in a period starting from admission to MIPT and till completion of 3 (third) course (with taking into account that every time scholarship is assigned by the Foundation to the student only for the current semester).
2.5. Receipt or non-receipt of scholarship of the Foundation in previous semester (semesters) is not the basis for refusal to receive scholarship in the next semester. Scholarship of the Foundation is paid to recipients of charity support regardless of payments stated for the recipients of MIPT scholarship and other scholarships.