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Additional scholarships were paid

Temporarily unused funds were transferred to a bank deposit. 23 additional scholarships were paid from that extra income.

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Changes to the Board of Foundation

Viktor Shkolnikov left the Board of Foundation and Dmitry Zubtsov entered it.

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8000 RUR are paid per scholarship

Since total funds (in Russian rubles) suffered a small decrease, the total number of scholars was lowered down to 340.

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Scholarships for low-income and successful students

According to the new Charitable Program we have two separate contests: for low-income and for successful students.

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Amendments to the Articles of Association

The updated Articles of Association generally describes the scholarships criteria. The details of criteria and distribution mechanism are now described in Charitable Programs that are approved every year. Moreover the Articles of Association increased the role of Board of Guardians in Foundation supervision.

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Alexander Frolov enters the Board of Guardians

The Board of Guardians desided to include Alexander Frolov, the Founder, as a member.

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New Charitable Program

It was decided to distribute the scholarship only by low-income criteria.

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Now the Foundation makes decisions on scholarships

Deans offices made decision on scholarships before. To elaborate a common approach the Foundation starts to make the distribution itself.

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Scholarships for international students

Considering the upcoming changes to the Articles of Association the Board of Foundation decided to allow international students take part in the contest.

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Scholarships are awarded for a term

Considering the upcoming changes to the Articles of Association the Board of Foundation decided to award a scholarship for a period of one term.

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